신제품 : 저온마찰교반용접용 툴홀더의 소개

최고관리자 0 5,967 2017.12.11 17:31
Dear Mr. Song,
We at MegaStir appreciate you’re your business, and want to thank you.
I am writing in regards to a few new products we will be introducing in 2018.  We are offering an instrumented tool holder that can be directly be applied to a CNC milling machine.  This tool holder is purpose built for low temperature Friction Stir Welding for materials such as Aluminum or Magnesium.  The feedback will consist of load, temperature, and torque directly off the tool.  This data can then be used for Quality control, and programming for control of the process.  I have attached a brochure for your review.
Also, MegaStir is introducing a new line of FSW tools.  These tools are made from synthetic diamond and will be for the low temperature market.  The wear will be unparalleled to any tool offered in the market today for aluminum, magnesium, and metal matrix composite joining.  Pricing for these tools will be comparable to tool steels such as H13.
We look forward to working with you, and we wish you a happy and successful new year.
Best regards,
Russell Steel
Business Development Manager
MegaStir Technologies